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Welcome to this brand new Music blog!

Here is a place where an old musician can get to write his heart out about the musical meanderings of his particular speciality. For music is indeed an art form that is as much enjoyed by the player as by the listener. So what better thing to do for someone who creates such enjoyment for the listener to behold than to write a journal all about the wonders of this great gift of music.

I’ll be talking about the musicla instruments that I play, the types of music that I play, the bands that I have been in and the bands that I’m in now as well as the solo work I have done in my time.

There will be articles about music in general and stories about life and times of the musicians I’ve had the pleasure to share a stage with and some that were not such a pleasure. There will be tales of fun and misery, of people I’ve met along the way and those that have enriched my life and experiences.

Of course, the whole theme that will run through all of the writings, musings, ramblings and scribblings will be that of music! So enjoy…


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